All reservations are guaranteed with the standard deposit that is built into your PMS System

    At the time of booking, the guest should be notified the following cancellation policy: 


  • Reservations cancelled 30 days or greater from the arrival date will incur a $35 fee

  • Reservations cancelled less than 30 days of arrival will result in the forfeiture of the deposit. **This can vary between types of parks** 

  • Reservations that are modified to a future date will not be subject any penalty

  • During peak periods additional restrictions may be imposed by the property or revenue management  

      At the time of cancellation in process the following in Newbook:

  • Retrieve booking

  • Update

  • Click cancel

  • Select reason from the drop-down list

  • Select cancel booking

  • The difference between the deposit and the cancellation fee will be calculated 

  • Click on credit button in the Book Billing grid

  • Refund the credit balance using the payment method on file

  • Transmit a copy of the receipt through the Contact function

  • The $35 fee will still automatically apply to cancelled reservations. You will need to uncheck this box IF they are forfeiting their deposit. They do not do both (forfeit a deposit and pay a fee)